Edgewater Gallery - Pitcher Inn
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Edgewater Gallery

Immerse Yourself in Vermont's Art World

Inn guests enjoy art hopping around the valley and sometimes will venture further afield to visit Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, about an hour’s drive from Warren. Edgewater is a fine art gallery that features a broad range of Vermont artists, including painters Kathryn Milillo, Julia Purinton, Rory Jackson and Kathleen Kolb, as well as many others, at two locations, Edgewater Gallery on the Green and Edgewater Gallery at the Falls. In addition to paintings, the galleries display photography, sculpture, ceramics, furniture and jewelry.

Edgewater curates the the art at the inn, hosts special exhibitions there and starting in 2022 will begin a series of Thursday night artist evenings that will include artist talks and dinner at the inn. Watch our newsletter for details.

To see all the artists currently represented by Edgewater and its schedule of events, visit edgewatergallery.co.