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Rehearsal Dinners

Let Us Play A Supporting Role

While we love to host weddings, we’re happy to play a supporting role on your big weekend by helping you plan and then host your rehearsal dinner.

We understand that you have a lot of wedding venue choices for your Vermont and Mad River Valley wedding, and we know we’re not a perfect fit for many weddings. In fact, we do best with smaller weddings with 85 or fewer guests.

So, if you choose another venue, and there are some spectacular ones in the valley–great!–but want to make your rehearsal dinner really special and memorable–and apart from the main event–we welcome a conversation. Chef Jacob Ennis is happy to curate a menu that reflects the preferences of the bride and groom, and Tunney King, our beverage director, will do likewise with beer, wine and cocktails.

We can host you in the elegant Brook Room (accommodates up to 30) or in the more casual Tracks tavern. Just reach out to our event maven, Caitlin Ennis, at Or call 802.496.6350.