• The Pitcher Inn, Warren Vermont - General Manager Ari Sadri & Chef Susan Schickler

Our Team

General Manager Ari Sadri began working at The Pitcher Inn three days after the property opened in 1997. Initially attracted by the inn’s focus on food and service, he began his life at The Pitcher Inn as a server in the restaurant and an apprentice chef in the kitchen becoming the inn’s Restaurant Manager and Sommelier in 1999 and General Manager in 2005.

Ari’s love of food was inspired growing up on a self-sustaining farm in upstate New York, where cream-topped milk from the family cow, eggs from the family’s chickens, vegetables from the garden and game and other wild edibles from the forest all found their way onto the dinner table. As wine is a natural accompaniment to good food, Ari began his studies by reading voraciously, tasting copiously and traveling frequently earning his initial certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2001. Featuring nearly five hundred entries, the wine program at The Pitcher Inn highlights small producers from some of the world’s finest wine growing regions.

As a hotelier, Ari believes that genuine warmth, charming, friendly and generous staff and a sincere concern for the well being of the guest are the hallmarks of true hospitality. He feels tremendously blessed to work with a staff that typifies these ideals.

Chef Susan Schickler has been at The Pitcher Inn since shortly after it opened in 1997, assuming the position of Executive Chef in 1999. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Sue’s love of cooking was formed as a child cooking with her father and mother for family and friends. Sue received her formal training at Johnson and Wales, later honing her skills working as a chef on private yachts in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean and working in restaurants in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Annapolis, Maryland.

Sue’s attitude toward cooking is still inspired by this familial approach to entertaining and loves the notion that she is making food that guests will enjoy and find comforting. Relying where possible on ingredients gathered from local, sustainable farms her style of cooking is typified by a lightness of touch and respect for her ingredients.