A Note of Summer 2015 from Ari | The Pitcher Inn
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A Note on Summer from Ari


The Sweetest Season- It’s here! It’s finally here!

While it is certainly true that those of us who live in Vermont love the variety of seasons, there is no denying that, all through the long winters, we fantasize about summer. Farmer’s markets, taking a dip in our favorite swimming holes, puttering in the garden, meals outside, fresh produce from local farms, hikes in the woods, bike rides…the list of attractive options goes on and on.

Though summer weather in Vermont is relatively cool and sweet, there is a certain languor that sets in; a peacefulness and tranquility. Each breath we take carries with it the perfume of life in the country; wild flowers, freshly cut hay, clean mountain air. Each exhale is deep and complete, a full, relaxing breath out. Ah.



I cannot think of a better time to visit The Pitcher Inn. It’s a short trip to get here but you’ll feel a million miles away. We look forward to welcoming you back for some deep breathing exercises this summer!