Collective Quarterly | Mad River Valley, VT | The Pitcher Inn
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Collective Quarterly’s Mad River Issue


When Collective Quarterly called us almost a year ago now, and mentioned that they were scouting locations for their third issue, we did everything we could to sway them to The Mad River Valley. This publication, started by Jesse Lenz (an illustrator and photographer) and Seth Putnam (a wordsmith) is impressive in every sense of the word…Printed on gorgeous heavyweight paper, the magazine feels more like a coffee table book, transporting its readers to whichever destination Jesse and Seth choose to profile.


They visited The Mad River Valley for a few weeks to create the issue back in October, and along the way their crew began to feel more like family. We were thrilled with the way the issue came out, and loved reading the stories of our friends and neighbors, including Dave Sellers, chief architect of The Pitcher Inn, as well as Whitney Phillips and Matt Groom, the duo who rehabilitated Tracks after Hurricane Irene and are now crafting the most beautiful skateboards under the name Warren Pieces.


In their own words, “This is a magazine about discovering. Each issue follows select craftspeople to an offbeat location. Our camera lens brings into focus the often blurry creative process as they design uncommon objects. In these pages, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, food, drink, and stories—all deeply rooted in the land and heritage around us. Our journeys hinge on assembling a group of compatriots who aim to live well. We are illustrators, photographers, and writers. We are weavers, leather workers, and carpenters. We are chefs, musicians, and bartenders. We are the Collective.”

IMG_6898The issue launched last week, and the community assembled in our little corner of the state for a launch party at Dave Sellers’ workshop on Fuller Hill, The Temple of Dindor. While sipping on Lawson’s Finest Liquids and feasting on tacos, we played a lively round of golf on Dave’s own private chipping green and explored The Archie Bunker, a concrete house that he has been experimenting with. A bonfire kept us warm until the wee hours of the morning, while we connected with others profiled in the issue. Mad River Distillers, the potters and furniture makers at Shackleton Thomas, and of course the architects of Prickly Mountain convened under the stars, telling stories and sipping Dark and Stormy’s. It was a classic summer evening in Vermont, and we are forever grateful to have been introduced to the crew at Collective Quarterly. The issue is available for purchase here.