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Give the Gift of Vermont This Holiday Season

Pearl S. Buck said about Vermont, “It’s a country unto itself.”

We couldn’t agree more. (Younger readers may not recognize Buck as the acclaimed 20th century author of The Good Earth. She knows a country when she sees one.)

And after two years (!) the pandemic has us all re-considering everything, from work (the great resignation) to family (can we safely gather?) to how we spend our money. On this last point we are finding more and more people seeking experiences, not more things.

That’s why we offer a modest suggestion: Instead of giving another sweater or pair of gloves, how about giving the gift of Vermont–and all that it offers?

If there is a loved one in your life that has yet to experience Vermont (or would love to return), maybe she needs a little incentive. That’s why we’re suggesting a Pitcher Inn gift certificate as the ideal holiday gift this year.

Why Vermont? It’s the “something’s-different-here” feeling you get as soon as you cross the border. It’s our people and their indomitable spirit. It’s the hill farms with their open fields and scattered Holsteins. It’s the focus on quality, whether dairy products (thinking of a certain ice cream) from Waterbury, glassware from Quechee, jewelry from Middlebury, or crafts or art or beer or spirits from all over our brave little state. The list is literally endless.

We can’t think of a better place to experience all that Vermont has to offer than the Mad River Valley, smack dab in the middle of the state, and our very own inn, in the picturesque village of Warren that so epitomizes small-town Vermont.

The inn is the embodiment of Vermont in so many ways. Each of our 11 rooms and suites is a tribute to some part of Vermont’s past (and present in some cases), including Ski, which celebrates one of our favorite ways to get through winter, Trout, which honors our fishing tradition, and Calvin Coolidge, which pays homage to our 30th president.

Besides the immersion in Vermont, your loved one will also appreciate our luxurious linens, steam showers, fireplaces (or wood stoves), our five-star cuisine, and our overall sense of hygge (look it up).

Why not give the gift of the country we call Vermont this holiday season? Call 802.496.6350.