The Pitcher Inn to Serve Rare, Exquisite Bhakta Spirits Armagnac - Pitcher Inn
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The Pitcher Inn to Serve Rare, Exquisite Bhakta Spirits Armagnac

Forget about everyday Cognac. If you’re seeking a taste of rare brandy, Armagnac should be your go-to sip. And now Pitcher Inn guests can imbibe in among the rarest, most exquisite Armagnacs available in the world.

That’s because inn owner George Dorsey has purchased a complete Bhakta 50 collection from Bhakta Spirits, the newest venture from spirits innovator and Whistlepig founder Raj Bhakta.

For the uninitiated, Armagnac hails from the Gascony region of southwest France and is distilled from wine (usually a blend of grapes that can include Baco 22A, Colombard and Folle blanche) using a column still.

According to Bhakta, “Armagnac is an undiscovered gem of the spirits world with the grace and elegance of the finest Cognac plus the robust flavor of the best whiskies.

“It’s relatively unknown because the French have kept the best for themselves. Until now.”

The inn is the first buyer of the complete Bhakta 50 collection, a bottle each of 38 specially blended Armagnacs dating from 1868 to 1970. Bhakta 50 is whiskey-finished Armagnac that passes through an Islay cask for two weeks, which imparts a smokey salinity.

Guests will be able to enjoy a Bhakta Spirits Armagnac at any time, served in a brandy snifter or whiskey glass, neat, after dinner in the restaurant, late night in Tracks, anytime in the library or the garden.

We’ll toast to that. And to a new taste experience.