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Why We’re Encouraging Our Guests to Purchase Travel Insurance

It’s a topsy-turvy world, especially for the hospitality business. No doubt you have noticed. Perhaps your favorite restaurant has closed or curtailed hours or switched up its menu.

Here at The Pitcher Inn we’re facing the same challenges as other small hotels and restaurants. And we’re doing our best to meet them. We’re paying staff more and we’re trying flex schedules to meet their needs–as well as yours.

One of the most perplexing challenges for guests–and for us–has been uncertainty surrounding travel. We are a small business with a fairly restrictive cancellation policy. We require a 100% deposit when you make your reservation. If you cancel your visit 60 days prior to arrival, we offer a 90% refund. Between 30 and 60 days, we offer a 50% refund. Less than 30 days, 10%. We think this is a fair approach, all things considered.

But for some guests this has been a burden. To lessen that burden, we have partnered with RentalGuardian, backed by Nationwide, to offer two levels of travel insurance. And we’re encouraging guests, especially those planning a multi-night stay, to seriously consider and purchase travel insurance.

RentalGuardian’s Standard Travel Protection is available for 7% of the cost of your trip and covers up to 30 travel-interruption situations, including an auto accident en route to the inn or the unexpected death of a pet. The Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection option costs a bit more, 10.8%, and covers additional situations like illness, injury and natural disasters.

You can learn more about the two options here, or by conferring with one of our guest assistants when you make your reservation. If you’re reserving online, via pitcherinn.com, we’ll give you the option of purchasing insurance upon completing and paying for your reservation. Guests are welcome to purchase travel insurance from another insurer, as well.

We’re doing our best to meet your needs first as well as run our business soundly. And we always welcome your feedback on this and other policies. Thanks for your continued patronage. We look forward to seeing you in this beautiful valley soon.