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Fire to Fork

Cold Weather Fare

With the cooler weather, Chef Jacob is once again putting the massive wood-burning fireplace in the main dining room at the inn to good culinary use (not to mention the grill and the smoker he uses all year round). Soon he will be fire-roasting pork and beef loins, winter squash and other vegetables, even preparing the night’s soup on the open fire.

The hearth is part of the history of the inn that dates to the Civil War era. Then and for years to come chefs would dig into their root cellars to pull out fall and winter staples, the carrots and turnips and potatoes that would traditionally be hearth-roasted or steamed in cauldrons dangling over the open fire.

Chef Jacob hopes to fold even more hearth cooking history into his presentations. In addition to meats and vegetables, it’s almost a given that he’ll experiment with modern treatments of cornbread and other old-fashioned pan breads baked by the hearth’s warmth.

Come join us on a cold winter evening for a Fire to Fork culinary experience.